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What my colleagues are saying

“James did a great job helping my company get up and running on an enterprise marketing automation platform. Our environment is complex and James was able to navigate through the complexity, keep us on schedule and deliver significant capability enhancements.”

~Stephen Hill Direct Marketing Manager at CDW

“My team and I worked with James to develop a unique, automated, lead generation tool integrating Pardot and–on an accelerated schedule. James organized and mapped out the technical steps and led my team to build the tool. Has was knowledgeable, reliable and a great partner who was instrumental to help us launch this key initiative..”

– Judy Arnold Vice President Marketing at Vitalyst

Digital Transformation Consultant | My Experience

Hi – I’m James Pellizzi and I’ve walked in your shoes.

During one of my first projects, I was in charge of sending out promotional e-mails that were aimed to generate leads for the Sales team. Anytime a call-to-action was clicked, we’d send that to Sales as a lead that had a higher likelihood to buy. Unfortunately, on this particular send, we mistakenly failed to separate the call-to-action clicks from the unsubscribes, so the Sales team received both interested prospects who wanted to be called right away, along with a vast majority who wanted to be left alone. Obviously, Sales was not happy and Marketing was pretty embarrassed. Luckily, the Project Manager noticed that Marketing had spent hours and many long nights learning how to execute our new e-mail system, which by then we knew very well. We made a mistake, sure, but we also learned how to use the platform in the process. The task of separating the unsubscribes from the call-to-action clicks was a quick fix, and we were able to move forward with lead generation activities. Sure, we could have been shut down right then and there in fear of doing it again, but instead, we moved the company forward in more ways than one.

I will help you avoid the rookie mistakes.

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