As B2B company’s continue to tackle Digital Marketing they will continue to look at what works in a B2C space and make it work for them, too.  This includes Personality or Assessment Quizzes.

I’m sure you’ve taken one or two (or maybe a lot more).  They have titles like, “What US President are you?” or “What vacation spot is perfect for you?”  or “What kind of dessert are you?”

Digital Marketing is the Wild West for B2B company’s right now and Marketing departments are in flux…not to relinquish their role to support sales activities, but to go beyond sending marketing collateral, newsletters and coordinating trade-show activity.

.. and creating a personality/assessment like type of activity is something they can do. Imagine you are a buyer or engineer.  Before they know about your company or service, they don’t want a newsletter or promo blast from you.  They want something of value that will help them do their job.

Get them on a landing page that explains the assessment they are about to take and how it will help them benefit their job.  Ask them to submit a form that only includes their first name and e-mail address.  Upon submital, have a new page load that asks the first question.  Every time they click next, have another page load with a new question.  It’s imperative you have new pages load, otherwise they are just filling out a really long contact us form.

Behind the scenes, assign scores to their answers and assign a grade based on their activities.  Upon submitting their final question, have their grade show up on another landing page.  At this point, ask them to give you a little more information and ask them if it’s okay to have sales contact them.  Below is an example of Questions and behind the scenes answers for a company that distributes safety equipment.

  1. When was the last time you replaced your safety equipment?
    1. Last Year (Assign 25 points)
    2. 1-3 Years ago (Assign 20 Points)
    3. 3-5 Years Ago (Assign 15 Points)
    4. Over 5 Years Ago (Assign 10 Points)
  2. In the past five years, have you ever failed an OSHA evaluation?
    1. Never (Assign 25 Points)
    2. Once (Assign 20 Points)
    3. A few times (Assign 15 Points)
    4. We’ve never been evaluated (Assign 10 Points)
  3. In the past five years, have you ever had an onsite injury in your warehouse?
    1. Never (Assign 25 Points)
    2. Once (Assign 20 Points)
    3. A few times (Assign 15 Points)
    4. It’s a regular occurrence (Assign 10 Points)
  4. Does your company have a safety policy in place that is regularly reviewed with employees?
    1. Yes.  It’s reviewed at least monthly (Assign 25 Points)
    2. Yes. It’s reviewed once a year (Assign 20 Points)
    3. Yes, but it’s not taken seriously (Assign 15 Points)
    4. No or I’m not sure (Assign 10 Points)

If I answer all questions perfectly, I get a score of 100, which could correlate to an A grade.  If I score this, I likely don’t need to be contacted by sales and will not raise my hand (…and why would sales want to talk to someone who doesn’t need their service/product?)  If I answer all questions poorly, I get a score of 40, which could relate to an F grade.  In this case, I will likely raise my hand for help and sales will now have all the information they need to help this person/company immediately.  Sounds like true lead generation/qualification activities to me..

If you have a Marketing Automation platform such as Pardot, Marketo or Eloqua..with a little content strategy and creative, you have everything you need to get started.

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