Companies are in a race to establish Marketing Automation for their organization. Before you can do that, you must first understand what it is.


Hi my name is James Pellizzi and I help companies set up Marketing Automation.

Before companies can go about doing that, they first need to understand what that phrase means.  It consists of different components, different modes of operation and it’s important to remember it’s not Marketing Automation.  It’s Marketing AND Automation.

The components are e-mail marketing, personalized webpages, social media & search engine marketing, scoring models and CRM integration.  These are nothing new and you likely know what they consist of.  The first points generate and qualify a lead while the latter ones deliver it to sales.

The modes of operation include a contact database, a spot where Marketers can go to manage their contact database.  So if a CMO or CEO asks you to pull up everyone in a state or industry, you should be able to do so within minutes.  Once you know who your contacts are, the second people is an engagement engine to have relevant conversations.  The third is Smarter Marketing Departments.  Marketing Automation is not replacing Marketing Departments, it is taking them to the next level.  This is important because it will make your department less tactical and more strategic and directly responsible for your company’s revenue.

For the Marketing aspects, think of the show Mad Men.  People who understand the brand of the company and can tell a story that resonates with their audiences.  For the Automation aspects, think of the show Silicon Valley.  People who are behind the scenes setting up the actual paths, html and code.  Most company’s have one or the other and it is imperative that you have both.

Now that you understand the definition of Marketing Automation, you’re ready to chart out the digital landscape.

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