Hi – I’m James Pellizzi and I’m a Digital Transformation Consultant.

I’ve spent over 10 years in Marketing – all things Price, Promotional, Place, and Product. I’ve also spent over 7 years in Customer Relationship Management, and over 5 years working with Marketing Automation, not limited to platform selection, platform setup, campaign management, scoring models, personalization and asset management, reporting and above all else, lead generation… and I’ve done it for sorts of companies ranging from manufacturing & distribution, consulting (Accenture) and various technology start-ups.

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Not always a picnic

I spent years setting up Customer Relationship Management Systems. I told Sales people time and time again how great it was they could operate in the cloud. They looked at me like it was Big Brother, and it wasn’t until I started working in Marketing Automation that I learned how to increase adoption. Give them good leads. Give them the leads in the CRM so the organization can track ROI back to them.

But above all else, make mistakes. Mistakes are good for you.

A Marketer’s Code of Ethics

Because people are fickle and technology is in rapid growth, a marketer’s world is always in flux. You must move with the current without getting swept away. I wrote an article about my own personal code of ethics: my modus operandi that establishes a foundation for optimal performance in any given situation.

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james-pellizziWhat does Digital Marketing mean to your organization?

Tasked with writing a plan is no easy feat. I will help chart out your organization’s digital marketing road map, define your business objectives, align your people, processes, and platforms that need to be in place. Then we will bulldoze through some Quick Wins to gain confidence. Never fear. Perfection arrives in time, as I can remain a Technical Consultant as we work through the details.

Let’s Chart Your Course

My Vision

I want the Midwest to be a hub of information and innovation for all things Digital Marketing.  I could work anywhere, but I’ve chosen Milwaukee, WI as my home and place of operation to show the world you don’t need to be in San Francisco, Chicago or New York to be a leader in this space.

And personally…

Outside of work, I’m an avid runner, traveler, self-appointed movie snob and uncle to four wonderful nieces and nephews.