Why should you work with me?

I’ve worked in the private manufacturing sector, I’ve worked for a large scale consultant, and I’ve been in the agency setting. All have their benefits, but working with me as an independent consultant gives you the best of all those worlds. I’ve been a coordinator and an administrator in the weeds, trying to get the manufacturer I worked for up and running on new technology. I’ve worked for Fortune 500 clients in the consulting world, seeing first hand how slow processes can move. I’ll only give you what you need and then push you to go out to learn how to do yourself the things you want.

What’s the real ROI if we work with you?

The best benefit is getting immediate use out of your platform. With my help, you WILL use your platform, whether you’re ready or not, and in doing so, you will see the following wins:

  • Increased Lead Gen
  • Smarter Internal Resources
  • Greater understanding of what Marketing Automation can do for an organization
  • Greater engagement within your internal teams
  • Alignment of Sales and Marketing like you’ve never seen before

I’ve detailed my Service offerings below, but if you’re already sold, great!
Let’s Talk

Road Map – $10,000

Looking for a Digital Marketing Strategy?  I can help your organization define objectives, foundational activities needed for success, identify quick wins to gain confidence and chart out what full maturity looks like

Starter Package – $5,000

New to Marketing Automation?  I can get your platform setup asap so you can hit the ground running.

Refresh Package – $10,000
Looking to start over with Marketing Automation?  I can clean an old platform or implement a new one.

Health Check – $2,500
Unsure if you’re Marketing Automation Platform or Strategy is working?  Let me take a look..

Digital Marketing and Technical Consultation – $10,000
Need some added horsepower and expertise?  I can help you with the individual components of Marketing Automation, such as E-mail Marketing, Social Media, Personalization, Scoring Models, etc.  What’s on your mind?

60 Minute Consultation – Free
Looking for a snapshot of how you’re doing?  Let’s chat.  I’ll walk you through a series of questions and give you a single page document that grades your current status.

Let’s Talk